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March 04 2017


What to Look for in an Equestrian Land

Horse farms and ranches have been a part of American life for centuries. Buying a ranch can be a challenge, particularly for those who are not experienced or are moving from a different area of the country. Every specialized use requires different geological features and use of space, so it's important for potential buyers to be clear on what exactly they are looking for. The tips below are specifically intended to help those who are interested in purchasing farm land for sale by owner find the right piece of property. Ranches and farms have different requirements, which will be covered elsewhere.

Size and Diversity of Property

Horses require a good deal of space. Equestrian estates for sale are generally quite large and will require a serious investment, so be sure that any piece of land purchased has enough diversity to be worth spending the money. Ideally there should be a source of clean water, pre-existing trails, and plenty of space for both grazing and riding. Look for pasture areas with trees that will provide some shade on hot days as well.

Existing Structures Many properties come with ranches, farm houses, or other structures. Purchasing land that has already been in use for raising and riding horses makes the process of moving in much easier. In addition to a house there may already be a barn, a stable, or even fencing already installed. This can be moved later if changes are to be made. Evaluate the condition of any buildings, such as stables, that will be used to house horses or other livestock before moving them in, and ensure that there are no holes in the fences that need to be patched. If the property is otherwise perfect these things can easily be fixed, but it's good to know what kind of work will be necessary to get the property up and running prior to making a purchase. Road Access

Easy accessibility is important for equestrian properties. There should be easy road access and any roads nearby should be well-maintained in order to make transporting horses, feed, gear, and other supplies easier.

Get Professional Help

The best place to buy land is through a real estate broker, but not all brokers have specific experience with ranch land and equestrian properties. Those looking for a company that can offer valuable advice as well as land listings might want to check out American Farm & Ranch. AFR has experience with buying and selling large tracts of land for both general and dedicated uses. They can help clients find the perfect estate with less hassle.

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